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Restaurants and bars

The Vineyards complex offers a diversity of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy excellent dishes, first class drinks, live music and luxury atmosphere. Our signature restaurants feature superbly crafted menus and promise an exceptional dining experience matched by equally exceptional views.

The exquisite and tasteful dishes can impress even the most eminent gourmet specialists as well as can satisfy the most hard to be pleased clients. Good friends, incredible food, diversity of cocktails and extremely rich choice of wines in combination with exceptional service contribute to the perfect stay of our guests. 

Enjoy the well acknowledged cuisine, professional chefs and excellent wines from famous producers, as you are resting in luxury, embraced by nature.


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The Vineyards Resort

Aheloy Pomorie

Reservations / Marketing:                                     +359 882 425 054


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We understand the subtleties of hospitality and luxury. Immerse yourself in luxury and incomparable comfort. We will always have the best solution for you and with us first class service is a standard rather than an exception. We offer the best conditions for a relaxing break, family weekend, romantic experiences or business events.