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The Vineyards SPA and Wellnes Club


Spa Thermal Zone

price: 30BGN

Indoor swimming pool,Finnish sauna,

Low temperature sauna, Aroma steam bath


Daily Spa Packge


Spa termal zone, Partial Body Massage,

Light Brunch / Fresh Salad and Freshly Squeezed  Juice /


Body Massages

price: 39 - 90BGN

Classical massage ,Therapeutic massage, Sports massage,

Cellulite massage,Lomi-Lomi massage



price: 15BGN


Facial therapies

price: 50 - 150BGN

Oxygenating treatment, Hydrating treatment , Biosensible treatment ,

 Anti -Age  treatment, Beautiful eyes


Russian Bath

price : 50BGN for one hour

Russion sauna, Ice generation bucket , relaxation zone ,

Large Fish Plateau and  Bottle  of Vodka



price: 15BGN - 50BGN

Medicinal clay, Medicinal lye , Water gymnastic


Body Detox

price; 30BGN - 30min

Tourmaline bed

price: 30BGN -30min




SPA ritual DETOX
90 min. – 50 euro
A luxurious body ritual with exfoliator, containing grape seeds extract. Then a gentle rub with herbs, obtained from eco-friendly regions “The Majestic Rodhopes” follows… The therapy ends with a special technique for a detoxification massage, which will help you fight the tiredness and will rejuvenate your Mind and Body…

Oxygen Therapy  
90 min – 50euro
Treatment is designed to tone and fill the cells with oxygen.
Smoothes cellulite and act directly to remove unwanted fat deposits.                          

Citrus Perfection
90 min – 50euro
This anti-oxidant treatment for your body embraces you with a unique orange feeling. It is a luxurious procedure for restoring the skin. The pure vitamin C lowers the forming of age spots and leaves the skin radiant and healthy. This magic of fragrances includes peel orange juice mask, moisturizing body cream-mousse, which turns into soft orange milk in the hot bath, relaxing massage with vitamin C. 

SPA Therapy “Coffee and Chocolate”
90 min – 45euro
Gentle peeling with aromatic coffee and massage with dark chocolate LINDD 99%. The coffee activates the blood circulation, and the chocolate unlocks the positive emotions and leaves long-lasting cacao scent.

Exfoliating scrub with honey
20 min – 20euro
Indulge in this exfoliating scrub with 100% honey. Crystallized particles of the honey will exfoliate your skin, removing dead cells and toxins. With a gentle touch of water the crystals melt onto your skin and turn into luxurious cream – base for a massage. The skin is additionally hydrated, as the procedure ends with the application of the strongly nourishing vitamin C body cream.

Exfoliating scrub with coffee
20 min – 20euro
The coffee is not only a beverage…The coffee contains fats, proteins, oils, organic acids, vitamin B. All these elements keep the skin from early aging and help restoring its resilience. It smoothes, moisturizes and provides an anti-inflammatory effect.




Classical massage
50 min – 31euro
It is applied, aiming to achieve overall relaxing and toning of the body.

Sport massage with manual therapy
40 min – 35euro
Sport massage is a type of massage which includes deep-tissue techniques from the classical massage, with the purpose of faster and full activation of the body for the sportsmen, as well as the fast recovery of the organism through cleansing the tiredness from the muscles.

Medical massages of / scalp, neck, shoulders, back, upper and lower limbs/
20 min – 20euro
The medical massage releases straight away blockages, stiffness, muscle tension, soothes sharp pain, discomfort, spasms and has overall relaxing effect on the body

Lymph drainage
40 min – 25euro
Give your body this specialized massage for stimulating of the blood circulation and the lymph system. It is concentrated on the areas of the body where blockages, cellulite, water keeping and uneven texture of the body may occur. 

Anti-cellulite massage
40 min – 31euro
Revolutionary new active massage which reduces the cellulite and reveals the natural beauty of your body through improving the micro-circulation, optimizing of the lipolysis and strengthening of the epidermis.

Aroma massage “Harmony”
50 min – 35euro
In the aroma therapeutic massage different unique combinations of essential oils are being used. An individual mixture is being prepared for the massage, during which, the ingredients enter through the skin and act in several different levels in the whole body at the same time.

Aroma massage with candle
50 min – 35euro
Indulge your body with deeply moisturizing and relaxing massages with aromatic candles. The lovely, warm and scented oils with exotic plants aromas, mixed with tree and floral notes bring you to a new dimension. The flame of the candle spreads its relaxing light; you inhale deeply the gentle oils while you can feel the satin smoothness of your skin.

Snehana – warm herbal massage
50 min – 39euro
It begins with a whole-body massage with oil. After that, small sachets of herbs, oils and finely grated natural components are being prepared. After they are being warmed, they are then rubbed with gentle easy movements all over the body and the face.

LIND 99% chocolate massage
50min – 35euro
This is a massage with dark chocolate. The cacao nourishes the skin with esteemed nutrient substances and vitamins, as well as along with that helps the “hormone of happiness” to be produced.

Lomi Lomi massage
50 min – 39euro
The Moli Lomi massage has no comparison. It is a Hawaiian exotic massage, brought there by the first Polynesian settlers, which is applied to the whole body. It boosts the immune protection and normalizes the metabolism processes of the organism. At first sight this light and graceful Hawaiian ritual is fully able to reach massive stabilizing effect with only one session, as it recovers the energy and the self confidence in one’s own strength. The massage removes the energy blockages in the body as well as enhances the blood circulation and stimulates the lymph system and the detoxification.

Reflexo-therapy for heels
30 min – 20euro
Every spot of the heel is massaged by using different massaging techniques, which enhance the functioning of a specific organ, corresponding to the massaged spot.  The massage is extremely pleasant and beneficial.


My skin. My secret.

Oxygen wake-up
60min – 89lv.
A luxurious, oxygen and balancing therapy, which provides an excellent combination of micro-exfoliating, oxygen recharging and bio-energy massage. This is a wonderful relaxing experience, which boosts the epidermis with oxygen, erases the stress from the face lines and makes the skin radiant right after the procedure. It is recommended for tired de-vitalized and/or sensitive skin. Shrinks the pores, enhances the regeneration and the revitalization of the epidermis. Evens the tan and gives a shine. Intensively moisturizes the top layers of the epidermis, smoothes and silks the skin…

Citrus peeling and vitamin C+C
60min – 45euro
Give your skin an energy push with 100% pure vitamin C – powerful anti-oxidant, which betters the damaged by the sun skin and helps fighting the signs of premature aging…

Rejuvenating therapy with collagen and elastin
60min – 45euro
Active elements like collagen and elastin, the vitamins A, C, E and phytohormones impact with the skin in the deeper layers. This procedure slows the aging process down, revitalizes and nourishes the main functions of the cells…

“Wonderful eyes” therapy
30min – 25euro
It is an intensive procedure which leads to decreasing the fine lines and prevents the forming of deeper wrinkles, as it leaves your eyes fresh and full of life.

Massage and face pack
40min – 20euro



Whole-body application
20min – 19euro
“Clay trousers”
20min – 13euro
Partial application
20min – 8euro

Partial application
20min – 8euro
Whole-body application
20min – 19euro

A therapy with ultrasound on a field with remedy
10min – 7euro
A therapy with high-, low- and ultrahigh- frequency electrical pulses, which has strong anti-inflammatory, pain-killing effect, suitable for treating pain in the joints, ear diseases, sinusitis, toothache, stimulation of damaged muscle tissues and others.

Individual medical gymnastics
30 min – 11euro
The other name of this medical treatment is “healing through movement”. We use the motor force as means of prevention, healing and rehabilitation.

30 min – 15euro
A combination of tourmaline, germanium and volcanic alloy.

30 min – 15euro
This is a special detoxifying water bath with copper and stainless steel electrodes, which repifies the body and keeps the balance. Through this method the body is detoxifying itself and at the same time parts with the gathered poison toxins..

40min – 8euro
The water gymnastics method is not only an excellent way to get away from the daily routines, but also is extremely useful for the muscles in the whole body, as it consists of some wonderful exercises


A medical check-up – 10euro




40min – 20euro
* Helps the deep absorption of the product
* Boosts the metabolism
* Stimulates the blood circulation and the lymph drainage
* Removes spots and blemishes
* Decreases the cellulite
* Decreases the wrinkles and smoothes the skin
* Relaxes the tired muscles


90min – 46euro
30min – 40euro
In this procedure peeling, massage, application of active serums and modeling and reducing cellulite products and thermo-blanket with sauna effect are being applied.
* Peeling with sea salts and other active substances, which ensures a deep cleanse and makes the absorption of the ingredients of the products, of the following steps of the procedure, easier.
* Application of a serum or a gel with high concentration of the active substances.
* A mask is being applied over the problem areas, which consists of sea clay, seaweed extracts, salts and essential oils.
* Wrapping of the body with foil and then with blanket follows for 30 minutes.
* Removing of the mask
*Anti-cellulite drainage

A course of 8-10 procedures is recommended.



* We recommend you to come 15 minutes before the appointed time of your procedure, so you have time to check-in, get changed and for our receptionists to make you familiar with the SPA centre and to meet you with your therapeutist;
* In case you are late with more than 10 minutes, the time of your procedure will be shortened accordingly, but you will have to pay the full value;
*The use of the thermal zone /swimming pool, sauna and steam bath/ always takes place before the face and body procedures;
* If you have booked for two procedures, the body massage always takes place before the face procedure;
* If you feel uncomfortable during your procedure – pressure, music, temperature of the room – please do tell us. The therapeutist will immediately make amends;
* Cancellation of the booking – out of respect for other guests and for the members of our team, we ask for a 12-hour warning if you must cancel;
* The SPA centre does not take responsibility of any lost or damaged personal belongings, including clothes or accessories. In case you have valuables, we ask you to leave them at the reception for safety deposit box storage;
* Entering the SPA center with foods or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) is strictly prohibited;
* Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed in the SPA centre;
* You can make an unforgettable SPA present with our services. The gift cards can be used for buying cosmetic products or using our SPA treatments at the SPA centre. The amount, shown on the gift card, determines the value of it;
* The gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.


Working hours from 29 April 2016 – every day: 10:00 – 19:00

We wish you to fully enjoy your stay at
The Vineyards Spa and Wellnes Club





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